The 2020 Power Cup will not be held next summer. The tournament will be played in Salo on June 10-13, 2021. The board of the Volleyball Association decided to postpone the event at its meeting today. At the same time, the 2022 Power Cup in Kauhava will move forward one year. The new date for the 2022 tournament at PowerPark is June 9-12, 2022.

The board of the Volleyball Association also outlined the refund of team and passport fees. In the case of participants’ passports, passport fees will be refunded in full. Due to the actual costs of organizing the tournament, the team fees will not be refunded to those who have registered now, but the paid team fees will be available to clubs next year at the new time of the tournament. Due to the unforeseen and significant economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the Volleyball Association, passport returns will be paid to clubs in installments by the end of September. Clubs that have registered for the tournament will be notified separately about the payment of returns and practices in the near future.

– The decision to postpone the Power Cup to 2021 was made with a heavy mind. The annual tournament has always been the absolute culmination of a volleyball summer. Naturally, this is very annoying for all the organizers as well as for the whole sport, as a huge amount of time and energy has already been spent preparing for the tournament. At present, however, the progression of the coronavirus epidemic cannot be predicted and it would have been impossible to postpone the event to a new time next summer due to the large size of the tournament. However, the health of both volleyball people and all other Finns comes first, we do not want to endanger them in any way, says Pasi Sydänlammi, President of the Volleyball Association.

Salo Mayor Lauri Inna looks to the future:
– The city of Salo has been looking forward to participating in the arrangements together with the organizing club, Salon Viesti. It is unfortunate that the tournament is now moving forward, but given the prevailing circumstances, this is a sensible decision. It is to be hoped that, now this spring and summer, the epidemic will be brought under control and that we will also be able to return to a normal state of exercise and sport. In June 2021, in Salo, we will organize a great and memorable event for the whole of Finnish volleyball!

Additional Information:
Riia Martinoja, Event Manager, Power Cup, tel. +358 40 555 1597
Seppo Siika-aho, President and CEO, tel. +358 50 325 3103