Registration Power Cup 2024

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15.12.2023-15.4.2024 Price

Basic Pass

Extra night 20€ / person

More information:

In addition to the team fee, each player, coach, and supporter who enters the Power Cup requires a tournament pass. Redeeming the tournament pass is a prerequisite for participating in the tournament.

Basic pass cover the tournament from Thursday to Sunday, weekend pass from Friday to Sunday.

Registration is binding and pass refunds can only be made against a medical certificate. The due date for entry fees is the last day for each registration period.

The extra night between Wednesday and Thursday costs 20€ per person. The extra night’s cost is the same for all enrollment periods and includes school accommodation and Thursday breakfast but also Wednesday evening snack.


If the person with tournament pass needs an assistant, he or she can take a personal assistant to the park free of charge. The assistant is generally of legal age. The condition of the assistant’s permit is that the person to be assisted has paid the entrance ticket, a bracelet or has another ticket product.

The person with a disability must prove the need for an assistant with an EU Disability Card (marked A for the need for the person to be assisted) or any other document or statement. The park can also grants an assistant permit on a case-by-case basis to a disabled person who needs it.

What the tournament pass contains

The tournament pass gives the participant a lot of benefits:

  • Play, match program and score service throughout the four-day tournament. The teams play an average of 8-10 matches during the tournament. With more than 800 teams, building and scheduling a match requires a lot of experience from previous years. Mobile protocol makes it easier and faster to enter and track match results with the Power Cup application. App also reminds teams of their own duties as a manager.
  • Insurance. Buyers of the Power Cup race pass are insured. The insurance is valid for the entire duration of the tournament and for travel from and to the tournament. Purchasers of the game pass (former license) for the period 2023-2024 are insured either through the game pass insurance or the Power Cup tournament pass insurance, not both. Persons without game passes are covered by the Power Cup insurance. In the event of an accident, contact the Power Cup info desk for assistance with insurance matters.
  • School accommodation that is an integral part of the tournament and its atmosphere. Memorable nights with teammates. These memories carry me far.
  • Meals from Thursday lunch to Sunday lunch (7 hot meals), weekend pass from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch (5 hot meals). Breakfast and evening meals at school accommodation. The surcharge includes a Wednesday brunch.
  • Tournament shirt and game pass bag. The tournament shirt is a collectible item for some. Some, on the other hand, are transforming the shirt into a total new faith – there are many ways! A pass bag around the neck and to the city as it offers many of the value-added benefits of our partners in the tournament city.
  • Great add-on. Opening is a concept. In addition, there are many community-based extracurricular activities and activation points for participants each year.
  • A diverse program of activities, activities and shopping at the Event market. The event market evolves year by year and is already an integral part of the Power Cup side program.

Tournament shirt

Spiro Aircool technical shirt

Size 130/140 cm 150/160 cm S M L XL XXL 3XL
A 1/2 chest circumference (cm) 40 44 46 50 54 58 64 70
B Front length (cm) 57 65 66 69 72 75 79 83


Material: 100% polyester

Feature: Be active moisture transport quick dry