The Power Cup was successfully held in Joensuu’s Mehtimäki from June 6th to 9th. In this four-day event, the world’s largest volleyball tournament for children and youth, a total of 3,938 matches were played by 746 teams. The central location in Joensuu also attracted locals. The opening artists, Ahti and HUGO, especially drew a full crowd to the Power Market. Many supporters also gathered along the edges of the playing fields. The event saw over 10,000 visitors.

“The happiness in the air at this event is palpable. The sincere joy of the children and youth was infectious to every visitor and worker at the event. Joensuu’s Mehtimäki has been a very functional venue, and its unity has brought all the Power Cup participants together. Everything was arranged with a positive local attitude. Cooperation with local organizers was easy, and hardworking volunteers have once again ensured that the youth could enjoy a successful event. A big thank you to the organizing club, our volunteers, Joensuu, and our partners,” praises Power Cup event director Anna Komu.

“The Power Cup days have been busy but surely memorable for the local organizing team, bringing smiles when looking back at the event. It has been wonderful to see that participants have enjoyed the joy of playing on the fields. The Mehtimäki sports park has provided a good setting for the event. The weather has mostly favored the event, although a few heavy rain showers have given the field team extra work,” summarizes Power Cup’s local manager Sami Leinonen.

“On behalf of the locals, we want to thank all the participants for fair play and cheerful spirit in Joensuu. We also want to extend a sincere and large thank you to all the volunteers for their flexibility, endurance, and cheerful volunteer spirit. So, a big thank you,” continues Leinonen.


Hundreds of balls flew into the air on Thursday 

This year, the event was spared from the first day’s rains, as the entire Thursday game day and opening ceremony were spent in sunny, hot weather. The overnight rain lowered the temperatures to a more pleasant level for the matches, although the high temperatures continued in the sun. Overall, the games stayed dry until a brief summer shower on Sunday. This, however, did not dampen the atmosphere, and matches were eagerly watched from the field sides.

Thursday’s opening ceremony also attracted many locals. The performers, Ahti and HUGO, who were popular among the youth, enjoyed the audience’s loud sing-along and reminded young athletes to pursue their dreams. The most enthusiastic fans gathered early in front of the Anyday Nuts stage in the Power Market.

Saturday’s closing party was crowned by the artist Averagekidluke, voted by the youth. Additionally, DJ Aappo got the youth, dressed in movie and series-themed costumes, dancing. Local band East Dawn entertained the crowd in the evening at the Power Market.


Power Cup Travels to Loimaa for Its 40th Anniversary 

After two years in the Eastern Finland, the Power Cup will move next year to Southwest Finland, to Loimaa. Joensuu’s local manager Sami Leinonen handed over the keychain to Power Cup’s Loimaa local manager Katariina Kojo.

Next year’s organizers praised Joensuu’s event arrangements and local people. “Joensuu has set high expectations for us next year, as the arrangements were excellent, and we can only hope for sunshine in Loimaa. At least the whole city is already excited about the event, although there is still a year until the actual event.”

In keeping with tradition, each year’s host adds a memory from their city to the keychain. This year, Leinonen added a crested newt figurine, which well represents the city of Joensuu and all of North Karelia, where everyone and every sport is given opportunities. With the addition of his own monument, Leinonen handed over the responsibility for organizing to Loimaa and wished good luck to next year’s organizers.