School accommodation in the classroom or gym is included in the tournament pass. For many, school accommodation in the same space as your team is an experience and a great way to raise your spirit. Please remember to bring your own mattresses and bedding.

When distributing lodging schools, the primary goal is to get all the club’s teams to the same school, as will the common bus. In order to facilitate arrangements, those arriving on Wednesday will be concentrated in the same schools, and there will be a centralized effort to accommodate public transport users in the same area.

Everyone who comes to school accommodation must bring their own mattress, pillow, sleeping bag and bedding.

The distances between the playing fields and the schools vary slightly, so beware that the team may need rides between the playing fields and the school accommodation.


Schools will be published in spring 2024.

Accomodation Policy

Following the rules and regulations increases comfort and safety. Each guest must adhere to the rules and the adults in the team must ensure that everyone in their team is aware of the rules and commits to them.

Each room accommodates at least one adult, who acts as a room manager and is responsible for the room’s events.
The accommodation is only accessible with a race pass, which is shown upon entry. Accommodation cannot be accessed with a guest pass.
Access to the accommodation is only through the designated door, the other doors are kept closed.
Doors of accommodation categories shall not be locked.
Corridors and other passageways must be kept clear for fire safety reasons.
The silence is from 23:00 to 06:00, when the school’s front doors are locked.
No objects or goods on display at the school shall be touched.
Indoors, noises and littering are prohibited.
Import and use of your own coffee and tea makers, additional heaters and TV sets is prohibited for fire safety reasons.
Smoking is forbidden both within the accommodation school and throughout the event area.
Possession and consumption of intoxicants in the accommodation school and event area is prohibited. The organizing organization has the right to remove the entire team from the tournament immediately in the event of a breach of this instruction.
The organizer is not responsible for any goods or valuables left in the accommodation.
The directions given by the accommodation managers must be followed.

At the lodging school the person in charge of the club:

Makes the club’s arrival announcement at the hostel’s information desk.
Hand over pre-printed accommodation lists (all guests per team: players, coaches, guardians, bus drivers, etc.).
Receive and acknowledge passports and jerseys.
Receives and inspects the accommodation and signs the accommodation form.
Guide their teams to the accommodation provided for them.
Ensures that each accommodation door has a name list.

When leaving, the teams clean their accommodation (loose debris, sand, drinking spills).

The property manager will inspect the premises with the person in charge of the club. The property manager gives the club permission to leave. If the accommodation is not cleaned or vandalized or otherwise damaged, costs will be billed to the appropriate club.