With over 100,000 meals in four days, it is a tough job for both the Taliban and the food service staff. Long and comprehensive plans and a carefully crafted menu are sure to provide a nutritious and tasty experience for all Power people.

Lunch and dinner are served in the tournament area, breakfast and evening meals at the lodging school.

Due to the large number of diners, it may be necessary to queue during the most popular dining times for tournament dining.

Dining will be arrange in the event area in the Palace Hall. A map of dining area will be update later.


Don’t forget to mention the lactose-free diet as well!

Special diets

All of our lunch and dinner foods are lactose-free and we avoid the most common allergenic ingredients such as fish, seafood and fresh fruits in our meals. Lactose-free milk is available to anyone who needs it.

Those who follow a lactose-free diet will get their food from normal lines. Other special diets have their own menu of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options. Foods for people with allergies are prepared separately for each diet. These doses come in individual dose packs.

Special diets must be ordered in advance. This also applies to a lactose-free diet so we can order breakfast and evening meals correctly. The order will be placed in the registration system at the latest by 6.4.2022.

You can see lists of food ingredients below and the contents of foods and check if a special diet needs to be ordered.

Menu to be published in spring 2024.