Power Cup Joensuu 6.-9.6.2024

Easygoing, welcoming and direct – these three qualities describe Joensuu. In this town, you won’t have to queue; the ski tracks start on your doorstep; and there are plenty of committed adults working in our schools and nurseries. The city’s values start at working together. In Joensuu, everyone is accepted as they are, and it’s easy to get on with the people here. Here, it’s easy to breathe!

If the awesome Finnish nature doesn’t strike your fancy, you should stay well away from Joensuu. Here, the nearest berry bush is always just around the corner; there are four national parks nearby; you can hop over to Koli in a dash; and the amazing Pielisjoki runs straight through town. Joensuu is Europe’s forest capital – and for good reason. Whether your hobby is mountain biking, hiking or hunting, we have enough space to wander for a lifetime.

How do you know a person is from Karelia? You’ll hear them happily chattering a block away – even if they are walking alone. Joensuu is the capital of happy people, full of wholesome life. Here, people regard each other with a down-to-earth attitude, and get on with things. Read more…

The train takes you to the heart of the event. Power Cup is easy to combine with a family summer holiday. Joensuu invites the whole family and friends to stay longer.

Our strengths are hospitality, friendliness and beautiful surroundings of the region.

Joensuu’s event organisers welcome all Power Cup lovers to a happy North Karelia for the 2024 Power Cup!

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Sami Leinonen

Local event manager


+358 505 578003