The last day of the competitions and the morning started with a real bang and the last games were played with the same enthusiasm as all the previous ones until the end. The small drops of rain were not felt anywhere in the warmth of the sun and the boiling atmosphere of the competition. The noise, the jubilation and the cheers of the crowd could be heard from every pitch across Mehtimäki. The passion to win to the end was evident in all the players. After the final matches, it was time to go home and rest from the intense games.

The prize-giving ceremony, which started at half past midday, began with the handing over of the Power Cup’s keyring from Joensuu to Loimaa, handing over responsibility for the 2025 Power Cup from Eastern Finland to Southwest Finland.

The prize-giving ceremony was attended by large numbers of enthusiastic young athletes, as well as team staff. The atmosphere even before the first awards ceremony was one of relief that the games were over, but excitement about the final winners being named. This excitement quickly began to fade as the youngsters began to cheer when they heard the names of the winners and medal-winning teams.

Tired but visibly happy players gave their all on the field. Four days of volleyball celebrations have come to a glorious end in sunny weather. Thank you Joensuu for a great event and safe journey home to all our teams.


Text: Valentin Paakkinen