The Power Cup attracts teams from outside Finland every year, and international interest in the event has grown year by year. This year, 54 foreign teams from countries such as Hungary, Romania, Latvia, and Estonia are participating in the Power Cup. One of the teams participating for the first time is the Romanian team CSU UVT Timișoara.

The coach of CSU UVT Timișoara’s boys’ D-team shared the team’s experiences from their first tournament at the Joensuu Power Cup. “We had our first game at nine in the morning. This is completely new for us, especially since we are beginners,” he said. Although the new experience was exciting, the team was enthusiastic and enjoyed the tournament atmosphere.

The Romanian team is the only one from their country in this tournament. According to the coach, they had played five games, none of which had ended in victory. “We haven’t won a game yet, but as I said, we are just beginners,” he noted. This tournament is primarily a learning experience for them, helping them develop their skills and gain valuable experience.

The coach already sees a lot of positives in the team’s development. “The team is already playing much better. We also have three players who have never played at this level before,” he said. The coach believes that participating in the tournament and playing several games will help the team gain valuable experience that is important for the future.


Another first-time Power Cup visitor, Eötvös DSE, came from Hungary to enjoy the tournament atmosphere. The club’s A-girls participated in the tournament for the first time, and their enthusiasm and excitement were tangible. “We are a bit nervous because this is a new experience for us, including playing outdoors,” they said.

The preparation for the tournament had been intense. The team had played practice matches on sand and done their best to prepare for the tournament challenges. The girls went into the game day with winning goals in mind. “We would like to win,” they said in unison.

The tournament arrangements received praise from the team. They had arrived in Joensuu only the previous day, but the first impression was positive. The city of Joensuu and Finland, in general, also made an impression on the Hungarians. “It is really beautiful here. Some of us have been here before, but for some, this is their first visit to Finland. We are really enjoying it!” they exclaimed.