The teams arrived well prepared for the final day of the Power Cup and what an electrifying day it was. The sun was shining when the teams took on the fields to compete for the medals. Who takes home the trophies? 

While the games were on a roll, the Power stage saw its final two Ingman and Jaffa Juicy challenges. The prizes included ice cream gift cards and delicious Jaffa drinks. The power market had an action-packed last day as well. The Nintendo stall saw the final games for virtual trophies being played amongst friends and the pull-up bar at the Police stall draw lots of people to measure their capability to perhaps enter the police academy. 

The ceremony awards kicked off with PrimaPower prize giving. The award which is made out of steel to look like a volleyball was handed out for the first time this year. It was handed by the Power people through an Instagram vote. The first winners were from the E-boys, team Joroisten Urheilija/Kimalaiset. 

After that, the highlight of today – the medals! The winners were introduced team-by-team and the stage was filled with young athletes celebrating with their trophies. 

Power Cup 2022 is now completed and in the books. It was a great tournament which left a lot of good memories for everyone. Thank you for all of the attendees and see you next year! 

By Amir Farhat