The thunderstorm from the opening day made way for sunshine as we continued to the second day of the Power Cup. At 9 am, the Power people marched to take the fields as the opening whistle took place. 

The power market was packed with people, especially in front of the ice cream stalls as the thermometer rose to exceed 20 degrees. There were a lot of activities on the market. The Nintendo stall saw virtual battles and the EHYT stall tested visitors’ knowledge on sports quizzes. 

The Power stage had a range of different competitions varying from one-legged balancing to testing competitors’ sights as they battled on in ping pong ball throwing accuracy. The women’s National Volleyball squad also took part in the latter challenge. 

The National squad also delighted young fans when they handed out autographs and took photos with the Power people. 

The gates of PowerPark amusement park opened at 6 pm to the delight of the hundreds of people queueing in front. They were eager to get to the park’s different rollercoasters, especially to “Booster.”

The second day saw its conclusion when the Power stage hosted the Cup Festivals. The festival evening had TikTokers playing against Power people in volleyball as well as in a range of competitions like the “explanation of objects” challenge. 

Finnish artist “Räpfaija” performed his hit single, Tiikeri, which also happens to be the official song of Power Cup. 

Another awesome day of Power Cup in the books. We will see you again tomorrow.