The world’s largest children and youth volleyball tournament registeration ended in Wednesday 6th of April. 675 teams registered to Power Cup and 30 teams will travel from abroad to Kauhava.

Power Cup event manager Anna Komu and local manager Juha Kärnä are very satisfied with the final number of teams. Almost 600 teams register after the first period of registration and now the number of players reaches more than 5,500 players.

“We are really happy to have so many teams after two very different years. Awesome that all of you youngsters are coming to Kauhava this summer! I can’t wait to see you all and enjoy summer of volleyball, ”says Anna Komu, Power Cup event manager.

“Now that, we know how many teams we will have, we can really start to prepare everything for our teams and visitors. We also have already a lot of volunteers, but there is time to sign up! ”, recommends Juha Kärnä, the local manager of the Power Cup.