Prices & Registration

Power Cup 2022, Kauhava team registration is open!

Join the unique atmosphere with other teams by signing up to the tournament. The registration ends April 6th, 2022.

Till 6.4.2022
Tournament fee FREE for foreign teams
Players Tournament pass (Thu-Sun) 185€(Includes ticket to Power Park )
Extra night (Wed-Thu night) 20€

For participation, the prices consist: All players need their own personal Tournament pass.

The enrollment is binding. In case of medical condition or such, the participation payment can be refunded. For this process a person must have an official statement from a legalized medical doctor.

For long distance travellers, we offer an accommodation for extra (Wed to Thu) might with an additional fee of 20 eur to the Tournament pass. It includes and extra night at school premises + Wed night snack + Thu morning snack.

Tournament pass

With the Tournament pass you are eligible to:

  • Games, gaming system, online schedule and result application (Power Cup App) throughout the four days tournament. Each team plays 8 to 10 games in average. The game results are registered with a real-time mobile app point by point. All games, results and schedule forward are available online throughout the tournament.
  • School accommodation. Accommodation in schools is unique tradition in Power Cup. As default teams or clubs have they own classroom for accommodation in nearby schools. Typically, participants are bringing their own mattresses but for foreign teams the tournament do offer some mattresses for visitors. In case there is a need, please contact the Power Cup office.
  • Meals. Seven warm meals from Thu lunch until Sunday lunch are served to all. For weekend visitor there is five meals from Fri lunch until Sun lunch. In addition to this, attached to school accommodation, there’s a morning and evening snack available for all. An additional evening and morning snacks are available for participants arriving already on Wed.
  • Tournament shirt and Tournament pass purse. There’s a shirt for everyone and a small bag or purse which works as a Tournament pass. With the purse you get different discounts of local services and it works as a official passport for meals and to tournament side events.
  • Side events. Opening event with top artist in Finland, tournament festivals and a Finnish national team friendly game to name some!
  • Event plaza. There are many services available at event plaza throughout the tournament; competitions, shops, ice-cream, the main stage with some side program.
  • Power Park Ticket. Ticket to one of the biggest adventure parks in Finland!

Tournament shirt size

Coming soon..