The prevailing coronavirus epidemic also made a historic imprint on the volleyball crowd as the traditional and beloved Power Cup event had to be postponed from 2020 to 2021. From the early years of the event, this year 2020 will be remembered for the first summer without the world’s largest children and youth volleyball tournament. We keep our eyes bright and our minds positive in spite of everything – that’s what our sport deserves!

The Power Cup team rejoices in the numerous backyard volleyball thrills, workouts and happy red cheeks flickering on social media. There will definitely be a wild development in ball skills! Let’s gather joy and energy together and celebrate junior volleyball and Finnish volleyball club activities at the Power Cup 2021 event in Salo after the coming season. We will be opening registration for next year’s event in November-December 2020.

Postponing the event for a year has had a major financial impact on the Finnish Volleyball Association. The Volleyball Federation board outlined that passport fees will be refunded to clubs / teams in full. Team fees, on the other hand, will not be refunded now, but will be available to clubs at the 2021 Power Cup. Passport fees can now be claimed back in full. Clubs and teams also have the opportunity to support the arrangements for the Power Cup event and alleviate the costs already incurred by the arrangements by donating to the Power Cup event either full passport refunds or, for example, 10% of passport return fees. The names of all donating clubs will be published on the event ‘s website on the Volleyball Family website. Passport fees will be returned to clubs in installments by the end of September

Let’s face the future boldly – we wish all volleyball junior clubs strength, enthusiasm and ingenuity over this special epidemic situation. Together we are more.

Below are more detailed instructions for applying for passport returns. We will be happy to provide more information – you can best reach us at

Details for refunds

For passport returns, a tracking system for passport payments has been created in the registration system. This way we are aware that the paid passports will be returned in full to the correct payer.

Log in to the registration system with the club code. On the first page you will see the contact details of the club and the amount paid. Once passport payments have been refunded, it will also appear in the registration system. Check that the contact information and the amount match.

Choose whether you want to leave the paid passport fees for next year’s Power Cup as an advance payment, whether you want to support Finnish volleyball during exceptional times or whether you want the passport fees back. Do you want to support Finnish volleyball during exceptional times by donating 10% of passport fees to cover the costs of organizing a Power Cup event? You can also choose on a fee-by-fee basis if you want to support Finnish volleyball.

If you want your passport payment refunded. Fill in the field bank account for refund of passport payments. Fill in the account number where passport payments will be refunded. Choose whether it is club billing or team billing.