In the morning, around the info and the main arena building, the teams woke up for the third day of Power Cup. Even the youngest players started the games inside the Joensuu Arena. There were flying balls all over the area and shouts from the teams after successes. In every area of the pitch you could see exciting games and balls flying in the air. The games were heating up as the final matches before the prize-giving will kick off tomorrow.

“The first game was very exciting and tickling. This is our first experience here and next year we will also participate, but already in the age group E!” said the Arctic Volley from Rovaniemi.

“The first game was a bit of a warm-up to get the vibe, get to know the court and the weather conditions. But otherwise it was a good game. A bit rough at the beginning. With good vibes for the next game, we’re heading upwards! Tomorrow’s goal is to play well and according to our own level”, said the A-boys of Liperi Volley.

The smell of coffee and sweets wafted through the Power-market early in the morning. Music and messages from our spectators, who follow the events from the sidelines, on social media and via streaming, could already be heard on the stage.

According to some of the market workers who have opened, the new day of competition, like the previous ones, is sure to be a rewarding one. More customers are expected as the weekend gets underway, as the final days of the Games are a great day to come and watch the games.

During the afternoon, the racing continued to be intense in all categories. The reward for the day’s hard-working youngsters was the Power Cup disco. The disco began with a bang as thunderstorms descended on Mehtimäki. The rain clouds receded before the disco began.

The dress code for the disco party was “movies and TV shows”. A stunning array of awesome outfits filled the dance floor at the disco. The best dressed were also rewarded on stage.


Tomorrow is the last day of the games, which will bring some close matches, and the joy of children and young people.