The second day of Power Cup kicked off in windy but sunny weather. As early as half past eight in the morning, a large number of happy and eager players arrived at Mehtimäki, ready for a new Power Cup day.


There was a lot of laughter at Power Square, and there were smiling faces everywhere. The play areas were full of good energy and encouragement. The cooler weather has been a nice thing for many, and the good vibes are through the roof. The areas are busy, but the positive atmosphere is easily noticeable.


“It has been hectic but enjoyable,” commented one volunteer.


The Kaavin Kaiku B-girls commented as follows:

“We have won both games and are looking forward to more victories. It has gone well!”


The second day of Power Cup was full of competition, both in volleyball and side activities, as side competitions were organized for the young athletes at Power Square. At Power Square, pairs competed in running blindfolded, bowling, hula hoop endurance, and measuring throwing accuracy with tennis balls.


In addition to the official volleyball competitions, young athletes also had the opportunity to get a beach vibe with a Beach Volley trial organized by Joen Beach Volley.


In the afternoon, walking around the fields, you could hear the cheers of teams and spectators, as well as the advice of coaches and teammates in the middle of the games, giving the feeling that the tension of the first day had really been broken and now each team shifted their focus towards victory.


As the second day of Power Cup in Joensuu quiets down for the rest needed by the young athletes, attention is already turning a bit towards the third day, whose evening will culminate in the Power Cup disco. We look forward to seeing what kind of “movies and TV series” style outfits the young athletes will come up with for the celebration.


Text: Nella Turunen and Nico Karjunen