A long wait is coming to an end as the world’s largest volleyball tournament for children and youth, the Power Cup, kicks off in Joensuu’s Mehtimäki on Thursday 6th June. The four-day event will feature thousands of matches and many other activities. The matches will start at noon on Thursday at the same time as the whistle blows from the event director. A large part of the 742 teams will head to Joensuu on Wednesday.

“The Power Cup will once again bring together children and young people from all over Finland to enjoy sports and exercise and to have the best start to the summer holidays. In addition, 54 teams from abroad are coming to the event. At this point we must already give a big thank you to the local organising club, our volunteers and our partners with whom we have built the event. The best reward will come on Thursday, when the children and young people arrive at the event, their faces beaming with genuine joy as they finally get to play in the Power Cup after all the waiting. So welcome to the event our players, but also all the people of Joensuu. This memorable start to the summer can only really be experienced on the spot,” says Anna Komu, Power Cup Event Director.

Everyone is welcome to visit the event. It is expected that many locals and tourists visiting Joensuu will attend the event. The opening ceremony will take place on Thursday evening at 7 pm at the Power Market on the Anyday Nuts stage. The opening artists will be Ahti, one of the most popular names in the Finnish rap scene, and HUGO, a talented pop artist. Ahti is known for his addictive lyrics and convincing performances. He has also mentored HUGO in the early stages of his career, and HUGO’s hits have made a clear mark on Spotify’s Top 50 in Finland.

The Power Market at the heart of the event area will serve both visitors and players with a variety of food and partner activities. There will also be playful competitions on the Anyday Nuts stage.