The world’s largest volleyball tournament for children and youth, Power Cup will bring together 742 teams in Joensuu in June. Registration for the tournament closed on Monday 15th of April. There are also 54 teams from abroad, including Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Romania and Algeria. International interest to the event has grown year on year. The overall number of teams is also higher than last year.

“We are really happy with the number of teams. The number of participants has been steadily increasing since the corona pandemic and it is great to see that interest is also growing abroad. We also expect a lot of local people and tourists to participate in the event, as it is open to everyone. This memorable start to the summer offers a lot more than just volleyball, which can only be experienced on the spot,” says Anna Komu, Event Director of the Power Cup.

“The event is a month and a half away. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of registered teams. We have a busy few week ahead of us, as plans for many aspects of the event will be finalised once the number of participants is known. Small bumps and challenges have come along the way, with many things happening in Joensuu at the same time, other events, but also some construction. However, with a carefree attitude from Eastern Finland, we will overcome these challenges”, says Sami Leinonen, local manager of the Power Cup.

The Power Cup is an open event, so everyone is welcome to visit the event area. The opening ceremony will kick off the four-day event on Thursday 6th of June with a concert. The Power market will be open every day at the event area with a variety of points for both players and visitors. There will be playful races on the Anyday Nuts stage at the heart of the Power Cup. Volleyball will be accompanied by a varied side programme and a range of activities from partners.