Registration for next year’s Power Cup is now open. The 2024 Power Cup volleyballs will be thrown in the air in Joensuu from 6 to 9 June 2024.

“This is what we’ve been waiting for. The whole team is looking forward to the Power Cup next summer and all the things we will experience together in Joensuu. It’s sure to be another memorable time and the most dynamic opening of the summer,” says Anna Komu, Power Cup Event Director.

The organising club in Joensuu is Joen Juju. The aim is again to gather at least 700 teams from all over Finland. In addition, the Power Cup has also attracted interest abroad every year and, especially in Estonia, the event is becoming well known among young volleyball players. In addition to Finland, marketing activities will again be directed towards the Baltic States.

The organisers of the event, Joen Juju had a good start and the event is going well according to plan. At the moment, the event is being organised by an active team of about 15 people. A good mix of age-related experience, young enthusiasm and new ideas has been brought to the organisation. With the exception of a few missing members, the core group has been together for some time.

The Mehtimäki Sports Centre, which will serve as the event centre, will provide an excellent setting for the Power Cup, and the playing fields will be located within walking distance of the Mehtimäki area. The furthest pitch is only 1.3 km walking distance from the Joensuu Arena.

“In addition to volleyball, there will be plenty of interesting things to do in Joensuu during the Power Cup,” says Sami Leinonen, local manager of the event.

Event playing areas have been carefully measured and field locations planned. In addition to the playing fields, the venue will have a stunning Power Market, located right in the heart of the event area.

In addition to the planning of the event area, the team has, among other things, mapped out local accommodation schools and started actively recruiting volunteers.

“There has been smooth cooperation with the City of Joensuu regarding accommodation schools and it seems that the participants will be accommodated in Joensuu schools,” promises Leinonen.

The City of Joensuu is closely involved in the organisation of the event, which has been well received by both the city and its residents. Volunteer recruitment for the event is in progress and enthusiastic volunteers have already signed up, but there is still room for more.

Although winter feels long and summer is still a long way off, it is already clear that this is a great event that should not be missed! So you should sign up for the Power Cup now!

We welcome you to Joensuu with North Karelian hospitality!