Power Cup Imatra 2023 was finished on Sunday. The keys were then given to next year’s organizers. Power Cup moves onward from South Karelia to Joensuu in North Karelia. Local event manager Anni Toiviainen and the chairperson of Ruokolahden Raju Jouko Savolainen passed the bunch of keys onto Power Cup Joensuu’s people in charge Diana Salin and Anders Sutinen from Joen Juju and Teemu Laasonen from the City of Joensuu.


The people in charge of Joensuu were pleased with the tournament in Imatra.”Everything succeeded this year. We have a tough time ahead of us”,
Salin said jokingly.


Power Cup Joensuu will be held in the Mehtimäki Sports Complex, which is right next to the heart of the city. Mehtimäki has amazing circumstances in a tight area, where all of the scenes of the tournament can be fitted conveniently. The organizing team Joen Juju will be waiting for at least the same participation as in Imatra!


Traditionally, something from each host city is added to the bunch of keys. This year a piece from the city of Imatra was added as well as the lion of Ruokolahti to commemorate the hosting of the two cities. After the pieces were added, Imatra officially shifted the responsibility to Joensuu. The local event manager Anni Toiviainen told the Joensuu organizers that the most important thing is to enjoy the following year.


Power Cup Joensuu 2024 will be held from 6.-9.6.2024. See you in Joensuu!