It is not only Finnish clubs but clubs from abroad as well that are participating in Power Cup. Some of them have been in Power Cup many times and some are first-timers. One of the teams which have participated in Power Cup more than just once is Selver Tallinn from Estonia. This year Selver Tallinn has 23 teams which are competing in Power Cup Imatra. Wow!


C-boys’ team from the club Tallinn Selver have enjoyed their time in Imatra. The best thing has absolutely been the atmosphere. Everybody is having great time by playing volleyball and enjoying summertime with friends. The team have also enjoyed their free time with many activities.


The team says thank you for how well the things have been organized. Distance between the town center and the Power Cup area is not a problem because of the well organized transport systems. The highlight of the Imatra city is absolutely the the famous Imatra Rapids. It is so wonderful that the nature and the town are so well combined.


The team had to hurry for the next game but they wish good luck for everyone in the Power Cup!


Writer: Heidi Kyyrö

Photo: Sofian Gezuri