As accommodation schools quiet down, the hustle and bustle begin at Ukonniemi in Imatra. Teams with their coaches and caretakers arrived for the final matches of this year’s Power Cup. The atmosphere on the fields was eager and slightly tense: now is the time to compete for this year’s championships. The eventgoers also dug out shorter shirts and shorts from their suitcases. Imatra was surrounded with warm and sunny weather to celebrate the final day.


The final day consisted of games and award ceremonies. The traditional handing over of the keys also took place on the Powerstage. Imatra handed the keys to the next year’s host, Joensuu. Local event manager Anni Toiviainen and volunteer manager Jouko Savolainen were there to present the keys to Joen JuJu. According to tradition, each organizing club adds something to the keychain that represents the city of the Power Cup for that year. This year, a keychain was added featuring the pride and legend of the organizing club’s hometown Ruokolahti, the Ruokolahti Lion.


According to event director Anna Komu and local event manager Anni Toiviainen, the event has gone well overall. As the event progresses, everyone becomes familiar with the venues, making it easier for both organizers and volunteers to handle their tasks. According to Toiviainen, it was also great to see how many spectators and visitors the event attracted.


Everyone has had a pleasant time enjoying volleyball in the company of new and old friends. “Ukonniemi has been a functional event area. It provides enough space for the playing fields and cars,” says Anna Komu. The atmosphere has also been lifted by the increasingly sunny weather day by day.


As the Power Cup host Mika Rajala stated, “All good things come to an end eventually”. The time has come to conclude Power Cup Imatra 2023. After the award ceremony, the teams head home with backpacks filled with wonderful new memories. Some may already have next year’s Power Cup on their mind, which will be held in Joensuu in 2024.



Writer: Iida Savinainen

Photo: Sofian Gezuri