The frenzy of the Imatra Power Cup continues, and the third day has come to an end. The day started with sunny weather and a gentle breeze as teams made their way to the competition areas. Warm-ups had begun well in advance of the games starting at nine o’clock.

At all the competition fields, there was an enthusiastic mood with cheers and the sound of whistles carrying far. The bustling activity inside the _dome hall_ could also be felt from the outside. Not even the worn-out boundaries of the sand fields could dampen the spirit. They were repaired as needed throughout the day.

The preparations for the third day have gone smoothly, and the volunteers have received positive feedback directly from the participants. 

The morning at the Powermarket was calm, but during the day, it became bustling with movement. The Powerstage showcased spectacular performances, and like the previous day, live streams could be watched in front of it. Throughout the day, greetings and messages were sent to the tournament studio, which the tournament radio broadcasted.

However, the highlight of the day was the closing party, Power Cup disco.  The disco was crowned by DJ Cike and performer Karim B. Outside, on the Power Stage, Sonja Pajunoja entertained, with her own music in the evening.

After the closing party, thoughts turned to the final day. Nevertheless, the day has been memorable for many, and new friendships have been formed. Despite everything, tomorrow’s day is eagerly awaited.


Writer: Joanna Löfman

Photo: Elias Murto