Day 2 of Power Cup started in sunny weather. The players were excited and eager to start the games. The games kicked off as early as 9:00 AM and Powermarket was buzzing with volleyball enthusiasts immediately after opening.


The liquorice stall on Powermarket was a huge hit, as well as the Finnish Boarder Guards who were there to present their equipment. The Powershop sellers told that especially the tiger striped bucket hats and off-season! t-shirts have been best sellers.


Players and visitors could get their hair fixed at the Garnier stall. Our presenter Mika Rajala did just that, after which he headed for the emergency services’ stall. On the stall the participants were able to practice using a fire blanket instructed by professionals.


The Powerstage, located next to the Powermarket, had different kinds of contests during the day where the players themselves could participate in hoping to win some prizes. In addition to the contests, the livestreams were watched eagerly next to the Powerstage. The live streams had familiar faces as well as new acquaintances.


The players told that today’s games went well and in great spirit. Unlike yesterday, the weather favored today’s matches, which were mostly played in sunshine. The teams of different ages started their day with positive attitude and reported that the games have been fun. They also told that the event itself has been pleasant and they believe the next games will go even better.


Many players have tomorrow’s closing party already on their minds. At the disco, DJ Cike and Karim B will be hyping the crowd up!


Writer: Ella Nevalainen

Photo: Sampo Lankinen