The four-day volleyball event Power Cup started on Thursday in summer sunshine and the Ukonniemi area in Imatra filled up with happy volleyball enthusiasts. Teams started to emerge with team colors, floral garlands and facial paintings, and their speakers playing upbeat songs.

This year, 717 teams and over 6000 players take part in the Power Cup and over 800 volunteers work in the background of this massive event. The event area in Ukonniemi spreads over Imatra icehall, Ukonniemi arena ja baseball stadium, so get ready for some serious walking between the four playing field areas. Around 15 000 visitors are expected in total.

The event was officially kicked off at 12 o’clock on the Powerstage by host Mika Rajala and event manager Anna Komu. The audience joined the countdown and Komu blew the starting whistle. This year is Komu’s third year as an event manager and she hoped that everyone would have a great time in Power Cup. In a short interview, Komu also revealed her funniest Power Cup memory: one year she got confused with a 7-year-old player. So keep your eyes open on the field!

Right next to the Powerstage, you can find this year’s Powermarket. There you can enjoy different foods and delicacies, get your hair done by Loreal or go shopping in small stores like Intersport and Powershop. This year’s speciality is the Power Cup ice cream: a serving voted by the players. Go and check it out!

As the day progressed, the weather got cloudy and rainy but small showers of rain didn’t ruin the games or overall atmosphere. The event has started extremely well and the organization has been successful. The coffee pass sold at the kiosks has also been a surprise hit! During the first day, the visitor passes have been sold out.

Power Cup opening ceremony was celebrated at the end of the first day. The youth were once again able to affect the selection of the performer for the Power Cup. The most desired performer was Robin Packalen who really got the party started. The youth were singing along with the artist and brought the energy to the next level. Also, the sun started to shine again. Amazing first day!

Writer: Hanna Valtonen

Photo: Sofia Gezuri