Registration for the world’s largest children’s and youth volleyball tournament ended on Thursday, April 13. 717 teams will participating in the Power Cup and there’s also several teams from abroad.

Power Cup event director Anna Komu is very satisfied with the final number of teams for the upcoming event.

“This is really great. We have more teams than last year and more than before covid 2019. We will have another wonderful event enjoying the summer and volleyball”, rejoices Anna Komu.

“This year, the Power Cup will also feature a summer camp. The participants won’t need to have previous experience in volleyball. Through the summer camp, we hope to have new volleyball players and also new participants for the next years Power Cup,” continues Komu.

“We are already looking forward to the upcoming event. Now that registration has ended, it starts to feel like the event is right around the corner. We have a great event area where to have  games, and we will organize a lot of side programs together with the Finnish Volleyball Association. We here in Imatra welcome all Power Cup participants and visitors to the happy South Karelia in the spirit of the 2023 Power Cup”, says local event manager Anni Toiviainen.