Power Cup Kauhava at PowerPark Alahärmä is underway. 

The world’s biggest volleyball event for children and youth got off on an eventful first day. Right before the opening whistle, a thunderstorm struck the Kauhava area. 

Even the thunderstorm wasn’t able to ruin the mood of over 650 volleyball teams from all over Finland and abroad. 

The sky was painted in volleyballs after Anna Komu, the Event Manager of Power Cup 2022 blew the opening whistle at midday. 

The opening ceremony saw speeches from Matti Alahuhta, a business executive and the city’s own boy, Jari Välikangas the chairman of the city of Kauhava and from the Finnish Volleyball Association, the Secretary-General Olli-Pekka Karjalainen and President Jari Inna. 

All of the speakers praised the atmosphere at the event. They were extremely grateful to the organisers who were able to arrange such an event after the difficulties due to the Covid pandemic in the last few years. 

The highlight of the opening ceremony was the performance of the Finnish upcoming star artist, VIIVI. The crowd roared as the singer performed her hit single USA. 

The Power market was buzzing during the first day. The market includes stalls ranging from pastries to ice cream to clothing. Reports from the first-aid tent were also positive. Only a few minor slips and bruises occurred during the first day. 

Thus, it was thunderstorms, music performances and tight matches that kicked off the first day of Power cup 2022.