Remember to mark these when registering to the event. You have time to change these informations until 6th of April.

  • Allergies
  • Shirt sizes
  • Bus transportation
  • Extra nights
  • Breakfast and evening snacks

If you have any questions about the event, do not hesitate to ask from us. You can easily contact us via email

Bus transportation

If you want transportation, please choose a bus transportation for yourself upon registration (€ 35 per person)

The shuttle bus includes:

  • If you arrive by train at the event, take a bus transfer from Härmä train station to the event area / accommodation school
  • Transportation during the event between the event area and the accommodation school
  • If you leave the event by train, take the bus from the event area to Härmä train station.

Book bus transportation until April 6th.


By train to the event:

If you arrive by train, the nearest train station is Härmä train station. In Härmä, Trains stop Wed June 8th, Thu June 9th and Sun June 12th.

  • Wed June 8th IC 37 (from Helsinki via Oulu to Rovaniemi) in Härmä at 17.09 & S / IC 56 (from Oulu to Helsinki) in Härmä at 18.49
  • Thu June 9th IC 21 (from Helsinki to Oulu) in Härmä at 9.52 (Coming for sale.) And IC 22 (from Rovaniemi via Oulu to Helsinki) in Härmä at 10.08
  • Sun June 12th IC 26 (from Oulu to Helsinki) from Härmä at 15.58 & IC 37 (from Helsinki via Oulu to Rovaniemi) from Härmä at 17.09 north

Find train tickets here.